OSCAR Information September 2022 


The opening hours are as follows:


Monday- Friday: 7:45am - 8:45am and 3:15pm -5:30pm (at latest).



Morning Session:     £4.50 per child (7.45am - 8.45am)  £1.50 extra for breakfast.

Afternoon Session:  £4.50 (to be collected by 4pm) drink and biscuit included. 

                                      £7.70 (to be collected by 5pm) £2.00 extra for tea.

                                      £9.30 (to be collected by 5:30pm) £2.00 extra for tea.


Please note: In the event that a child is not collected by the closing time of 5.30 p.m, a charge of £6.00 per 15 minutes will be incurred, since two members of staff will be kept beyond their contracted hours.

Teacher Training Days - Closed