Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

We are committed to providing an appropriate and high quality education to all the children living in our local area. We believe that all children, including those identified as having special educational needs have a common entitlement to a broad and balanced academic and social curriculum, which is accessible to them, and to be fully included in all aspects of school life.

We recognise that pupils learn at different rates and that there are many factors affecting achievement, including ability, emotional state, age and maturity. We believe that many pupils, at some time in their school career, may experience difficulties which affect their learning, and we recognise that these may be long or short term.

Our Special Needs Coordinator (SENCo), Tina Lambert, works with both the staff and parents/carers, helping to identify any needs at the earliest opportunity and provide teaching and learning contexts which enable every child to achieve to his or her full potential.

Tina's working hours are all day Monday and Tuesday and can be contacted via the School Office on 01926 497491.

A full copy of our Special Educational Needs Policy is available at the school office upon request.


'Most Able' is otherwise known as Gifted and Talented. Gifted and talented children are those who have one or more abilities developed to a level significantly ahead of their year group (or with the potential to develop these abilities).

Gifted describes learners who have the ability to excel academically in one or more subjects such as English, drama, technology;

Talented describes learners who have the ability to excel in practical skills such as sport, leadership, artistic performance, or in an applied skill.

Every pupil - gifted and talented, struggling or average - should have the right personalised support to reach the limits of their capability. For gifted and talented pupils, this means better stretch and challenge in every classroom and in every school with opportunities to further their particular talents outside school at a local and national level.

Providing for the gifted and talented pupils in our schools is a question of equity - as with all other pupils, they have a right to an education that is suited to their particular needs and abilities. They need to be presented with work that challenges, stretches and excites them on a daily basis, in an environment that celebrates excellence and is supportive of those who may, in years to come, break the boundaries of what we know and understand today.

A full copy of our More Able Policy is available at the school office upon request.