School Values

At Woodloes Primary School, our school values are woven into teaching and learning in order to develop improved social and emotional skills that will positively affect pupils’ behaviour and happiness. We embed our core values through our rich and varied curriculum so that our children leave us with the characteristics that will support them on their life-long learning journey. Our aim is that pupils will be able to actively embrace all future challenges with success. 

Our values underpin everything we do as a school. They are promoted through pupil voice, assemblies, lessons and wider school life. We worked as a whole school community to define our values as a school. These values work alongside the modern British Values that we actively promote as a school.  The values developed have been selected after consultation with pupils, staff, governors and parents as values which are important within the school community and which will be important throughout life.


Our chosen values are:

P - Perseverance

R - Respect

I  - Integrity

D - Diversity

E - Excellence

What do our values mean to us?



We keep trying and working hard, even if it is difficult.



We consider the feelings, wishes or rights of other people. 



We do the right thing even when no one is watching. We make good choices. 



We celebrate a range of people with various backgrounds, lifestyles, experiences and interests. 



We strive to be the very best we can be. 

Pupil Voice
Values Champions